What can I do and what I can't with Vizpeople assets?

Almost in every way, as long as you merge our files into your output uneditable project. For example:
You CAN use our products in:
- Render and sell your renders to your client.
- Print poster, book, newspaper, stands and more.
- Presentations, movies, commercials.
- Website banners and web graphics.

You CAN'T :
- Sell or pass source 3d scenes that include our files.
- Sell or pass source files of your graphics project that include our files.
- Publish or sell our original files on stocks websites.

Can I use your assets for commercial projects?

Sure. All of our resources come as royalty-free assets. Once you download a product from our website, you are gaining the licence to use it in your commercial work.

Does cutout people come with the model release?

Yes. Since the beginning of our company in 2011, we have signed the model release form with every single model we photographed.

Where can I find invoice?

We are preparing invoices for companies from EU. We will send invoice to your email few days after purchase. Your invoice will be ready to download in "My Account -> My orders" few days after purchase.

How to purchase more credits?

Just hit credits counter in the menu section.

What are credits for?

Credits are our virtual tokens that you can exchange for products inside Vizpeople network. Once you charge your account with credits, you can use it to purchase 3d models, cutout people, textures and HDRi maps. If you chose to download a product, a specific amount of credits will be taken from your account and a downloaded product will be assigned to your account for future free downloads.

Does credits expire?

No. Once you purchase credits, you have unlimited time to spend it.

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