Credits packages



25 €
12 credits


50 €
30 credits


100 €
80 credits


200 €
200 credits
€ for 3D Model10,4 €8,33 €6,25 €5 €
€ for Cutout4,16 €3,33 €2,5 €2 €
€ for Material8,33 €6,66 €5 €4 €
€ for HDRi10,4 €8,33 €6,25 €5 €
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About credits

What are credits for?

Credits are our virtual tokens that you can exchange for products inside Vizpeople network. Once you charge your account with credits, you can use it to purchase 3d models, cutout people, textures and HDRi maps. If you chose to download a product, a specific amount of credits will be taken from your account and a downloaded product will be assigned to your account for future free downloads.

Does credits expire?

No. Once you purchase credits, you have unlimited time to spend it.

Can I purchuase bigger credits package?

Yes. Just contact us and tell us about your needs.